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A little note about sponsorship and editorial policy and those sorts of things…

From time to time I am approached by PR folks as well as entrepreneurial creative folks (go you!) to write about their products or services in return for some kind of kick-back. I rarely accept these offers but when I do my policy on this is pretty simple: if I like it, I will write about it. If I don’t, I won’t. So you won’t get a negative review from me, but you cannot buy my opinion with gifts or money. Any gift I accept from you will be made clear in the post I write.


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  • Dorothy A. Knight

    I found “Airmail” on the bookshelf at the EastSeven Hostel in East Berlin, and took it and read it. I will place it on the shelf at our library, Stratford Public Library, Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Maybe I should put it in my bag when I go to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, cause then it would have been to Stratford’s finest. Enjoyed the book!

  • Connie Ivey

    How surprised and delighted I was to receive your beautifully embellished package! Not only was I thrilled, but overjoyed by the delight of an unexpected gift from someone so wonderfully generous. I took the whole day to enjoy reading your lovely book and felt the spirit of Christmas infused in my very being. Just shows you that the child in all of us can be awakened at any time. Thank you and my daughter for the introduction to you, your art and language. You are joyous to be gifted with this Christmas. Most thankfully, Connie Ivey

  • coral reichelt

    Naomi, just read an article in regards to your mum and the bushfires at Leura in 1957. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but was your mums name Lesley Benham? My maiden name was Coral Sorensen, and was quite taken back and emotional to think that someone remembered the Christmas party’s that my grandparents and parents held at the nursery. Also if it is your mum I have wonderful memories of our time in Mrs Mclauchlin’s tap dancing class, even still have photo’s to prove it. Please let me know if my theory is correct, as I remember Lesley very well and would love to catch up with her again, although I was couple of years younger, she was a very special person in my life.

  • Rachel

    Oh my goodness. I love you and I have only just ‘met’ you. Not in a stalkery way of loving, just in a “I love all the stuff you love” kind of way. So glad to meet you Naomi! Another foreign friend… and BWP’er,

  • MMFXRofe

    The Postcard Art Group


    First love your take on things, your writing, open heart, integrity shine out… Also the use of the world around to inspire then the way you create, strikes a real chord and one of the reasons I wanted to contact you, thanks for showing interest in the postcard art group.

    So I have got a plan for a little concept I have been thinking about for a while, wondered if you interested, Finding myself in this the age of digital media and social networking I would like to create a little antithesis of such, I find it full of too much virtual sentiment, it’s too easy and I have an issue with that, I’m looking for some integrity, however I like the idea of sharing and creating so want to try to do it in a different way.

    I intend to create some small pieces of art, drawing, painting and collages and what have you on watercolour postcards and use the traditional method of sharing, old fashioned mail, as in the postal service, I wondered if you would like to do the same?

    I want to do so for number of reasons, I have an affinity with post, I like it, it strikes a chords like no other thing, it is still kind of magical that I can put something in a red box fifty meters from my house and it can go anywhere in the whole world for pence…. My dad also was a postman for fifty years so I guess it’s in my blood. I get a bit tired of only seeing things on a screen too. There is a deep joy in receiving and sending mail, a commitment and sense of intimacy. The idea of sharing real things is refreshing and then sending on or not is also perhaps becoming a real rarity. My post is now so boring as well, I used to love writing and getting letters from friends and family all over and would like to share it with some of you if that ok. Also physical things moving around and the risk and transient nature of a piece of actual artwork however small also appeals to me.

    I see the project working like this, I have got about ten like minded individuals round the world in mind who I am sending this to, creative people open to sharing and all who I know have integrity, passion and creativity they would like to show, I hope some of them may join in, the idea is that you use watercolour postcards as a base for your work, they are cheap, standard size and very cheap to post. I get mine on amazon for about 3 quid for fifteen. Then to the art, whatever you want, spend as little or as long as you like on it, drawing, painting, thin collage, designs weaving, sewing, inks whatever. Can be a five minute doodle a painting, print…whatever… it’s the physical act of sharing it that counts. I think maybe doing a piece a month to share is a good start, too much and it might become a chore or ineffective… How does that sound? it might be more if you want but that seems a good place to start.

    The individuality of it is what I like. Then you can just write maybe a title of the piece on it and in small script your address, this means that people can see who sent it and can respond to it if they want, also they can re post it to someone else who they think might like it, just a way of sharing. I understand some of you might have reservations about sharing address and if this is the case don’t worry, you can send them to me without it and I will forward and receive and send out again but at the moment everyone in the postcard art group are either family or very close friends of mine, however I’m also sure there are some of you out there who know talented and interesting people who might like to share this concept too and feel free to send this mail along to them to get them involved too. Let me know where you stand on this…

    Anyway there it is, in order to take part I need a postal address, I have got some but if you interested can you send me one to use please then I will get the ball rolling and look to send out my first lot of postcards in June.

    At best it could be the start of an amazing , beautiful, creative experience and a way of seeing making and sharing some art first hand, at worst you might get some nice post once in a while….

    Let me know by simple email if you like the idea, feel free to suggest improvements or ideas too, this is all in my confused jumble of a brain,

    Yours in creative anticipation,

    M M F X Rofe

    Founder of the Postcard Art Group ( working title…)

    P.s. I intend this to be the only email ever in regards to this concept, the rest will be by the traditional means. I’m practicing Wittgenstiens idea of climbing the ladder and then throwing it away once at the top….

  • Donia

    I’m a journalist myself and have always appreciated art and creativity. I am so in love with your blog! It’s like going through Alice’s Wonderland..simply awestruck!

  • jenclair

    I love your blog and would love to use one of your photos in a post I’m writing about blogs/bloggers that I enjoy and appreciate. I would give attribution and links.

  • jenclair

    Thanks for allowing me to share! I’ve scheduled the post for Monday, Nov. 23.

  • Janice Stevens

    So I had a pretty brutal day at work and I checked my mail on the way home and I was smiling ear to ear once I saw your letter!! I love everything about it. I took me about an hour to open it very carefully (love the dinosaurs) then I read your letter and I made it last. I opened my snail mail kit but I’m waiting until tomorrow to open the packages. I absolutely love my letter. Thank you for turning a bad day instantly into a great day….all because of a letter!

  • Petrina

    Interesting this Facebook issue.

    Sorry I do not have a cell phone – yippie – so I cannot send you anything Instagram. Yeah, fb doesn’t like it that I do not have a cell phone as they keep asking for the number.

    Should we get a cell phone? I think we are saving a bunch of $$ by not having a cell phone.

    Happy thoughts,
    New York

    • Naomi Bulger

      Haha I think you’d definitely be saving money – especially as you folks in the US get charged to receive texts and calls as well as make them (crazy!). We haven’t kept a land-line for ten years, so hopefully saving money that way :-)

  • Fabienne DESHAYES

    I Naomi !

    I’m going to sent you ma 1st postcard.
    I would like to know if you can read French words…
    Thank you for your answer.

    Have a nice day !
    Brest, France

  • Jen King

    Seriously… At the tail end of a long week of sub-editing and while doodling between stories, I FOUND THIS BLOG! As Donia said, I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole into a land of wonder and happiness! I completely love writing letters and adore your gorgeous letter art. I have tried to do something similar when writing to friends but my efforts are pretty ham-fisted! Luckily people are so happy to get a letter they don’t really end up minding the hideous state of the envelope it came in! However, with a blog like yours to inspire me, this could be about to change. Thank you so much Naomi. Please add one more fan to your list!

    • Naomi Bulger

      It is so lovely of you to say these things. Thank you! You have honestly made my day! I am sure your mail is beautiful and, like you, I find people are happy to forgive my muddlings because they appreciate the love and effort that has gone into them. Big hugs, Naomi x

  • Poppy Edols

    My friend recently showed me your blog and the beautiful envelope you had sent her and i instantly fell in love, this is such a gorgeous idea and it made me remember the last time i had sent a letter which was a couple of years ago to one of my friends who had move away, and this blog really inspired me to write to her and make it a real surprise in the mail and to write to her more frequently. Thank you so much Naomi. Lots of hugs, Poppy

  • Tatiana Pisarenko

    I am very happy to read you and to see you! Your art of life and art of your personality confirm me, that happyness is something very simple and very kind. I am crying now. Thank you…

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