On authenticity and blogging and fear


Often I debate with myself how much to reveal on this blog and how much to keep hidden behind that secret garden door in my heart. On the one hand, this is a place where I deliberately curate wonder and beauty. Little surprises, thoughtful creations. That’s why I call this blog “messages in bottles.” I…

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Somewhere on Route 66 It was more than 100 degrees outside the car. As I rolled the window down to place our order at Burger King, I swear my eyelashes singed. The sun-faded speaker box asked what I would like for lunch today. Me: One fish burger, and… Speaker box: Chicken nuggets, yes. Y’all want…

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Search terms


I love to look at the search terms that lead people to my website. Many of them are straightforward, but some are strange, others are whimsical, and every now and then they are downright bizarre. I like to think about these people. Why were they searching for this term? Why did my little blog appear…

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The time travellers and me


On the weekend, I dreamed I met two time travellers. One could slide into the future, the other could slide into the past. I watched them disappear, their bodies pixelating in rainbow colours, and then they were gone, shimmying through time to see things and learn things and fix things and change things. A minute…

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And the winner is…


Congratulations to Sonja of Big {Blue (print)} Ball, a blogger I’ve followed and admired for some time, and the winner of my book-iversary competition. This is me picking Sonja’s flowers. A big, warm thanks to everyone who entered. I promise to make the next competition even bigger and better, and to get my act into…

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Chocolate + books + ceramics + more = GIVEAWAY


I have some news. This month is my six month book-iversary, six months since Airmail was published. I’m so grateful for your support and encouragement during this time, so today I want to give something back to say thank you. I’ve decided to celebrate with a veritable giveaway bonanza, including a signed copy of Airmail…

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My inner child hijacked my novel

Copy of NaSuperman

Meet the child-Naomi. At the time this photograph was taken, her career goal was “superhero”. Subsequent career plans included ballet dancer, marine biologist and princess. She also wanted to be an author. Apparently she wanted it so badly that she hijacked my novel. I wrote about it in a guest post hosted by the wonderful…

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My dog the critic


This is me with my dog Oliver. People like him. Everywhere we go, he gets stopped and patted. And we go a lot of places. This dog has lived in Sydney and New York, traversed the east coast of Australia, and travelled through 22 States of the US of A. So today I took my…

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Announcing Airmail’s virtual book tour


My novella Airmail is about to undertake a whirlwind international tour. Virtually. If you’re the type that likes reading new books but wouldn’t mind hearing what others thought of them first, I have good news for you. Folks all over town are busy reading Airmail and preparing to give you their honest opinions (gulp). For…

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Book clubs


If you’re in a book club and think it might be fun for me to come and chat about Airmail, let me know. I’ll get baking, and bring you some of my mum’s famous lemon slice, or cup cakes, or possibly Aunty Bev’s delicious chocolate-and-licorice-allsorts-brownies if she will give me the recipe. I’m in Sydney…

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