Mc s iNmkmjyy uuuxuuruuruuuu Lukur UPDATE: Why yes, yes this post WAS written and published entirely by my two-year-old son, without my knowledge. Actually I’m quite impressed. But sorry to subscribers for the Inbox spam! #babysfirstblogpost

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Look Listen Learn Laugh Love


Look ∧∧ Grant Haffner’s seriously stunning colours, shapes, lines, and visual storytelling Listen ∧∧ This track is so sweet and light and melancholy, and a bit magical. It has taken me down the rabbit hole of the beautiful vocals and harmonies that are three-gal trio Mountain Man Learn ∧∧ 20 Ways to Draw a Chair….

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My new blog home


Hi there! I’m just popping in today to let you know that this blog has a new home, and to let you know how that might impact you, if you subscribe (also thank you thank you thank you). If you’re thinking it doesn’t look much different around here, you’d have a point. All I’ve actually done…

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11 cheer-up links


The night had started out so well. I went to a meet-up of Melbourne bloggers that just so happened to be held two blocks away from my house, which meant not only could I walk there with no “I’m late and the traffic is hell” stress whatsoever, I could also indulge in a glass of…

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Shake it off


I want to be like Rowley’s mum. This is Rowley and his mum: I want to be the kind of fun mum who does daggy dancing with her kids, even badly choreographed dancing, in public. Especially in public. I don’t want to be self-conscious about my body, or my dance moves, or what I look…

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The Storytellers – Restless #5


“I had that restless feeling” by Rhonda Yanitsas I’ve felt restless for a good two years now. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain but it’s been there for that long – tugging at me and always in my mind. So much has happened in my life over the past two years. I’ve married my…

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The Storytellers – Restless #4


} end if by Ruby Blessing Ada was holding court at her usual table, at the usual time of two a.m. A stream of young acolytes streamed past, sometimes sitting to pay doe-eyed homage. Sometimes to sneer. All to ask questions. She would have killed for a cigarette. But they had been banned for so…

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The Storytellers – Restless #2


“Insomnia” by Katherine Mackenzie-Smith The girl lies awake in the middle of the night, her mind abuzz with thoughts of the person she could be and all the things she could do. Sometimes she walks the halls of her parents’ house, trying to calm her mind, and sometimes she stares upwards, watching shadows of the…

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The Storytellers – Restless #1


“A very blustery day…” by Gillian Harrison I blow into the yoga studio off the wild wind of the threatening summer storm. I figure it as good a day as any to return. I lie legs crossed on the concrete floor. The heaviness of the day echoes in my lower back as I replay a…

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New series – The Storytellers


I have been looking forward to telling you about this for SUCH a long time. New for 2013, I am thrilled to bring you a new occasional series on this blog, called “The Storytellers.” What is it? I have approached some of the best and most creative bloggers on the Internet and asked each of…

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Bookish friends

Book Club

I am in a book club. Well, I have joined one, and our first get-together is scheduled for later this month. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never been in a book club before, and I don’t know the ladies in this book club very well (or at all). Do you have any advice…

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The tunnel


Turns out I have carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a kind of repetitive strain injury in the hand and wrist, so people in jobs like mine that require a lot of typing are likely candidates. Add to that, pregnancy has been known to bring it on and, yep, I’ve had it since the start of my…

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