Just what you needed to hear


I’ve been doing a course on Instagram, trying to improve my photography and Instagram engagement in general. It’s challenging, fun, inspiring, and frustrating, like most things are when you’re learning something new. Then today, someone else in the course shared this video with the class. I’d heard of this little piece by Ira Glass before, but…

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Oh dear


And I was so smug. And I felt so free! Less than a week after I congratulated myself on being free from Facebook for a whole year, I find myself sucked back into its insidious blue-and-white vortex. Earlier this week I signed up to a course of study and only after I had committed (and paid) did I…

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Checking in: quitting Facebook, one year on

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Nope, still not missing it. In case you were wondering. If you’re new around here, here are my reasons for quitting Facebook (and Twitter, and LinkedIn), and here are some lessons I learned a month in. One thing I feared I’d miss on leaving Facebook was the occasional clever content. Events, ideas and happenings that people posted…

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Eccentric escape


You can move away, you can run away even, but, 90 percent of the time, your quirks and fears and troubles stow away with you. I know this because I have moved a lot, and sometimes a long way. This is the underlying theme of a new TV show called The Durrells. Thankfully, the quirks, fears…

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My one weakness


Recently, I had a conversation on this blog with a lovely reader called Jan. I’m paraphrasing, but the conversation went something like this: Jan: Have you heard of the TV show “Lark Rise to Candleford?” It’s a period drama set in a post office. Me: *Instantly leaves office and runs to find it* Now I’m up…

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10 “slow living” unsung heroes of Instagram


Are you on Instagram? That’s me above. I’m @naomibulger if you’d like to drop by and say hi. Who do you like to follow on Instagram? I love to fill my feed with people who inspire me and, these days, more often than not, people who inspire me are people who I like to call “slow-living…

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Wonder, mystery, and surprise

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Do you like surprises? Good surprises, I mean. Messages in bottles Friends dropping by Work promotions  Letters in the mail  Found treasure maps  Clothes bought online that actually fit The kids eat what you cook Winning competitions Surprise parties Money in last year’s coat pocket Flash mobs Rainbows  Unexpected public holidays The first flower of spring Earlier…

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The right words


Dallas Clayton has them.

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Five in nature


↑↑ Penguin Bloom – The odd little bird that saved a family ↑↑ Into the Woods is a beautiful exhibition of altered landscape photography, by Ellie Davies. It is on now at the Crane Kalman Gallery if you’re nearby and would like a closer look ↑↑ Stunning oak-leaf pendant! On my Christmas list ↑↑ This house in Brooklyn is…

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Capturing the castle


Carbisdale Castle north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands is for sale for offers over 1.5 million (Australian) dollars. Three-bedroom houses sell for more than that where I live! Shall we all pool our resources and buy it together? There will be plenty of room for all of us: the castle sits on 16 acres and has…

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Pruning the Internet


Ms. Shlain: …I love what you just said about character in terms of the internet evolving, that we proactively can evolve the internet and infuse it with character strengths. That is really a framework to think about a healthy evolution of the internet, instead of throwing your hands up and saying this thing is out…

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Harry Potter


Have a magical Monday! (Image credit: Dan Stark, licensed for unlimited use under Creative Commons)

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