Winter’s coming






I have trimmed all the wild and rampant late-summer flowers of my garden back into neat, stumpy little mounds. Bending close, I can just see the buds of spring’s growth waiting there, sleeping now until the southern hemisphere circles back closer to the sun. The pomegranate, crepe myrtle and Japanese maple trees are all putting on colour, and dropping leaves like golden confetti at our feet.

Twice a week when I go out early to exercise in the still-dark, the cold air hits like a slap when I open the front door, and my fingers and toes are numb from wind and wet grass* before we even get started. But when we all lie down on our yoga mats to prepare for crunches, I look up, up, beyond the black outlines of the trees, to a sky that is so full of stars they look like rain-drops, frozen in time, and it is perfect. And is that Venus I can see, glowing so big and bright? Why is the sky so much cleaner and more… precise… when it’s cold? Dawn breaks somewhere in between plank-holds and left-hook punches, and mist makes clouds of our puffing breaths, before real mist rolls up and over the park, and swirls like a familiar cat around our ankles. 

We have pulled our winter hats and scarves and coats out of storage, and I have turned my thoughts once again to soups and casseroles and mulled wine and home-baked bread. I am even ready to befriend the slow-cooker

Knitted gloves and wooly socks, wading and dancing through rivers of fallen leaves, watching the Christmas pine-cones pop and crackle in the open fire, toasting marshmallows, baking good things with apples, and lighting candles at meal-times. Winter’s coming, my friends! 


*Wet shoes and socks are the WORST


  • Colllette

    I know no one likes to be cold, but you’ve captured so beautifully what is wonderful about winter. I couldn’t live without the changing seasons, there is so much joy to be had when the seasons change they rhythm of our lives. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. x

    • Naomi Bulger

      I absolutely agree. I can cope with summer because there is winter. I’m sure sun-loving people feel the same way – that they can cope with the colder months because there will always be summer. I love the pattern of the changing seasons.

  • Loree

    I have been snooping around your blog for a while (and I really like what I see) but this is my first comment. I am almost envious that you are close to winter ‘down there’ since I prefer it to the hot and harsh summer temperatures we will soon have to endure. Love what you do with snail mail. Maybe I will pluck up the courage to do something similar myself. But time is my worst enemy.

  • Sara

    I think I prefer Autumn to the rest of the seasons. The weather turning colder, but not too much, the leaves turning colors, using long sleves again… And maybe as much as the begining of Spring. Maybe is the “change” between seasons what seems so atractive. The pictures are lovely. And YES, wet socks are the worst!!

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