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It’s no secret that I love winter. I am no friend of heat and humidity, but I love the sting of cold on my cheeks, and the sight of my breath in the air in the morning.

I also love crocheted nanna-rugs, hot chocolates, bed-socks, mac-n-cheese, and flannel shirts. I like hiking up mountains or along city streets without breaking a sweat, the smell of wood fires after dark, candles at dinner-time, and lazy bubble-baths on weekends.

After what felt like the longest summer in the history of all the summers, we are finally seeing the start of autumn. So, just in case this is also the shortest winter in the history of all the winters, I have made some plans to make the most of the cooler months.

1. Learn how to bake bread really well. I’ve enrolled in a bread-making class at Abbotsford Bakery next month that I’m really looking forward to

2. Take the children to see snow

3. Go bushwalking. Now that the hot weather has gone and the snakes are asleep, I want to get back out among the trees

4. Forage for wild mushrooms in the pine forest. There are guided tours that take you on these foraging missions, to be sure the mushrooms are actually mushrooms, not toadstools. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but nobody wants to come with me. Will you?

5. Take better care of my skin. One of the down-sides to winter is the damage all that dry air and internal heating does to your skin. When I lived in New York, I was great at using scrubs and moisturisers to protect my skin. I’m older now so it’s even more important that I make the effort

6. Dig, prune and nurture. I keep a seasonal diary to remind me what needs to happen in my garden. In the coming months, that will mean formwork pruning of some plants, heavy cutbacks to others, sowing some seeds, fertilising, aerating the soil, and applying a thick mulch to protect it

7. Make friends with the slow-cooker. I tell myself I’ll do this every year. This is the year!

8. Rug up and have a winter picnic. I’ll pack thermoses of hot chocolate or tea, knee-rugs as well as picnic rugs, beanies, and candles or possibly a little campfire. We will find somewhere pretty, and our picnic will look like this

How about you? What are your plans for winter? What should I add to my list?

Image credits: Daniel Bowman // Siebe Warmoeskerken // Annie Spratt // Samuel Scrimshaw


  • Emily

    Um, what is a crocheted nanna-rug? Is it a blanket or something similar?

    • Naomi Bulger

      Haha yes maybe that’s just my word for it! I mean blankets made out of crocheted squares

    • Emily

      Ha, ha! I thought maybe that was it, but wanted to be sure. There are a number of lingual differences between Aussie English and American English. This would be one, and another would be the usage of the word “chuff”. I heard/read someone use it recently as a positive reference, while I use it as a negative term, e.g. “that really chuffs my hide!”. 😀

    • Naomi Bulger

      I remember the differences from when I lived in New York. I’d be speaking what I thought was “English” and my NY friends would say “Whaaaa?”. Yes, we say “I’m chuffed” when we’re really touched and pleased about something.

  • Romana

    That is a cracker of a list, I am someone who doesn’t love Winter, but a list like yours would help! Mind if I have a lend for my Winter?

  • SuZi Davis

    I would love to go mushroom hunting with you. Some of my earliest and fondest memories of my Dad are of tromping through the woods in our boots, Wellies I think you would call them, with a bucket of “found” goodies that my Mom would later cook up. Too bad I am all the way over on the other side of the world and Summer is approaching. Do have lots of fun. It will be interesting to see just how many of your list you manage to check off.

    • Naomi Bulger

      We never did this when I was a child, which surprises me because two things my Dad loved were mushrooms and bushwalking! Every Father’s Day we used to buy him a mushroom in a polystyrene box (so bad I know) and he’d grow and harvest his own to cook up on toast. I wonder why we never went hunting for our own.

  • Colette

    Lovely your photos Naomi. I live in North Carolina and we had a very mild winter, avoiding all the horrific storms that hit the southern and norther states. I was born and raised in Quebec. Winter is not/not my favourite season…

    • Naomi Bulger

      I can understand that. When I say “winter is my favourite,” it is probably influenced by the fact that summer here is so long and hot, and that winter is so relatively mild. (That said, I actually enjoyed winter in NYC… but again, I didn’t have a car so I didn’t have to scrape ice of the windscreen every morning just to get somewhere)

  • Megan

    I’m up for mushroom picking. I live in the southern highlands, and Harris Farm Markets have pine mushrooms, look fantastic. Where do you go mushrooming????

    • Naomi Bulger

      The southern highlands are beautiful! I used to go to Kangaroo Valley with my friends a lot – we’d rent a big house and cook together and eat lots of cheese and buy bizarre liqueurs from the one and only winery nearby. Oh and play a lot of lawn bowls and petanque. Happy memories! I am in Melbourne now though. I’ve never actually been mushroom picking but there are companies around who lead the tours, I think the Mornington Peninsula is a popular place for it.

  • Collette

    I am planning on sending my husband on a mushroom foraging course for his birthday next month – I am just waiting for the date to be announced. He used to do it as a child in England but is worried he’s forgotten what’s what, so as a surprise I’m booking this for him. We have been saying for a few years that we will take the kids to see snow, but now the weekends are full of weekend sport – we will just have to miss a Sunday so we can go. Lake Mountain is so close to Melbourne and when we were in Marysville in November, we drove up to Lake Mountain and it was snowing in November. And yes, the slow cooker – it will change your life!!! The key is to clear up from breakfast and prepare the dinner, all in one go – then it’s on and the day is yours!

    • Naomi Bulger

      Oh your lucky husband! If I miss out on doing this, you must tell me how he goes. I had no idea it was snowing on Lake Mountain in November! There are no excuses this year, we really must take the kids for a play in white powder. Do you have any good slow cooker recipes? I think part of why I can’t seem to make friends with mine is that the recipes I have are so very dull and tasteless.

  • Jen B

    You are one of the people that I follow online that I would love to be friends with in person. Your ideas sound delightful. I would totally love to go mushroom hunting with you or out for a picnic. (Especially in the autumn since my skin hates sun..)

  • Victoria Pichel

    whenever I find someone else who feels the same about seasons, who loves autumn winter over summer (it was extremely long here in Argentina too. we had arund 30º for a whole week in early march, just awful) I grin and smile to the screen (yes, because it’s usually someone far away, never find cold lovers in person, I’m afraid).
    I don’t have much plans… just enjoy the cosyness, hot teas, cakes, sleeping snuggled under a thick duvet, admire the golden leaves on the streets… reading lots. And writing letters! I wish I could travel around a bit but… not possible for now.
    (i’m gutted that my letter never arrived to your PO box :( I’ll try and send a new one soon)

    a very autumnal hug for you!
    (I’m @ohjustvictoria on Instagram)

  • Jen King

    I LOVE cold weather too Naomi and am so excited it is here although I suspect a European person would not consider a Brisbane autumn to be very cold. However, I am making the most of it and dreaming of mac’n’cheese, my flannel PJ bottoms and not feeling utterly drained each day from the energy sapping humidity and heat. We are so “desperate” for the cold we’re actually travelling to the Snowy Mountains in two weeks to stay in a little cottage in the national park – and it has a fireplace!! Why on earth do I live in Queensland …sigh.

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