Mail-art: into the forest


Recently I was commissioned to do a series of paintings of woodland animals, plants, trees and forest scenes. Inspired, I decided to play with the same theme in my mail-art, too.









  • Esméralda Jönsson

    uuuu this is so beautiful! Naomi you keep outdoing yourself!
    Looove loove the theme!

  • vvaganek

    Loving your mail art❣❣❣

  • simone

    What fantastical magical work Naomi !
    How exciting, i can see one that will be heading my way.
    Thank you ever so much Naomi – do you have apostal address we can reply to you at ?
    Thank yooouuu !

  • Michelle

    Hi these are gorgeous. You have such a wonderful talent.
    I have just tried to go back to the toolkit newsletter from your jan post but I am not able to find it.
    Would there be any chane of you resending it to me?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your art.

    • Naomi Bulger

      Thank you so much! I’ve had a look and I can’t actually see you subscribed to the newsletter. If you’d like to go in and do that I can send you any issue you like. (Just navigate to “Snail Mail Toolkit” and fill in your email address – you’ll receive a confirmation email and then one with a link to my e-book.) Once that’s done, you’ve subscribed and you’ll receive all future newsletters. Shoot me an email then if you like to tell me it’s all done, and I can also forward you any past issues.

  • Pip

    Woodland animals are my absolute favourite thing in the world. These drawings have kicked off my morning to a good start. x x x

  • kate

    just gorgeous.


    I am always inspired when I see your art work. Thank you.

  • Debra

    Naomi, these are beautiful and I’m so excited to realize that one of them is headed my way, also! Thank you! You made my heart smile!

  • fafa

    Magnifique ! De la poésie sur papier ! Çà serait un réel bonheur de recevoir une si belle enveloppe dans ma boite à lettre !

  • Karen Bray

    absolutely stunning mail art!! This was the first email I’ve read of my day and it has certainly put a smile on my face. Looking forward to trying some of these. Such an inspiration!!

  • Colette

    These are just fabulous. My pen pals are crazy with the stuff I am now making from your inspiration. Thank you so much. You are so talented and generous in sharing your knowledge.

  • Vena

    I love them….makes me want to be by the fireplace with a nice cup of coffee reading.

  • Dawn Tucker

    ME??? I just saw something for ME! I’m SO excited!! I need to get to work on something to send back!

  • FinnBadger

    Wow, these are stunning. And I bet Eva will think little red riding hood is adorable. As well as the hedgehog contemplating a cuppa.

  • Rossetta Hanna


  • iHanna

    Omg! Your envelope art is so pretty!

  • Denise

    Love these, Naomi! And…how exciting it was to actually receive one in the mail! Thank you so much!

  • pulmu

    Thank you for the lovely mail! :) It in fact still snowed few snowflakes today when I spent the whole day at the forest with my kindergarten class.

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