8 podcasts I’m loving right now

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Do you listen to podcasts? When I do, I like to imagine I am living in the 1940s, getting information and inspiration from the wireless while partaking of tea and crumpets. 

Sometimes I like to listen to podcasts while I’m painting, and also if I’m walking alone. If the kids are not around, I slip my phone into my pocket and put on a podcast while I’m doing the housework or cooking a meal. 

Here are some of my favourites at the moment. Maybe these will be new to you, or maybe you know them already. I’d love to know what you listen to, so I can add your ideas to my download list! 

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Hashtag Authentic – for Instagram, blogging and beyond

Host: Sara Tasker
Frequency: weekly 
Why I love it: fantastic, friendly advice and encouragement not only for people who use Instagram, but for anyone who is doing something creative and putting their work out there for the public eye (get it here)

The Slow Home Podcast 

Host: Brooke McAlary
Frequency: every few days 
Why I love it: really practical ideas and advice for “slow-living” in a busy world. By slow-living, Brooke is really talking about a more mindful and purposeful way of thinking and experiencing life (get it here)


Host: Sarah Koenig
Frequency: weekly, while the season is running
Why I love it: each season (we are about to start the third season) is an in-depth investigation into a modern mystery. It’s really fantastic story-telling that unravels week by week (get it here)

TED Radio Hour

Host: Guy Raz
Frequency: weekly 
Why I love it: I feel smarter just listening to this podcast. All those fascinating topics you love about TED Talks, but adapted for radio. They pick a theme, and then play portions of various TED-talks as well as interviews with the original speakers, to tease out the theme from different angles (get it here)

Sweet Teen Club

Hosts: Stacey Roberts & Carly Jacobs
Frequency: weekly
Why I love it: 90s pop culture nostalgia. Allllll the nostalgia. Buffy! FRIENDS! Clueless! Reality Bites! Sweet Valley High! Tamagotchi! (get it here)

Magic Lessons

Host: Elizabeth Gilbert
Frequency: weekly
Why I love it: it’s Elizabeth Gilbert in phone conversations with people everywhere who want to tap their creativity, but feel blocked somehow. She gives tips and encouragement to get past creative block, and then in a subsequent episode, speaks with another successful artist to gain further insights (get it here)


Host: Richard Maclean Smith
Frequency: bi-weekly
Why I love it: this podcast is cool and spooky and fascinating all at once. It explores modern mysteries, events that can’t seem to be explained by our normal parameters of logic and science (get it here)

Good Life Project

Host: Jonathan Fields 
Frequency: every four days or so
Why I love it: actually this podcast is hard to describe. It’s inspiration and information on just “living a better life,” whatever that might mean for you. It bills itself as “In-depth, unscripted, deeply-inspiring conversations and insights from acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs, makers and world-shakers.” Yeah, that (get it here)

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  • Mairead

    Thanks for sharing these, all new ones to me. I’m always looking for suggestions.
    My current favourites are Art Supply Posse http://www.artsupplyposse.com/ and the DoubleX Gabfest from Slate http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/doublex_gabfest.html

  • Clare

    I have just started listening to Hashtag Authentic (most likely on your recommendation!). I listened to the first series of Serial but not the second. I like This American Life, Radiolab, The Jealous Curator and How She Creates. I have downloaded the new podcast from the Serial team – S Town, but not heard it yet. Podcasts are my dog walk entertainment!

  • Ana

    I have been listening to Myths and Legends and it’s awesome, so many stories I thought I knew and other I had never heard of that are amazing, it ranges from Slavic folklore to the Viking sagas the Arthurian legends to the stories that inspired Disney movies.
    I love it.

  • Anke

    I particularly love “The Lively Show”. So much great life-advice from the most aspiring people!

  • Colette

    Thanks Naomi. Except for Serial, I had not heard of all the others. I will give them all a try while power walking.The new Serial takes place in Alabama and it is brutally honest.

  • Kylie Harvey

    I’m loving My Open Kitchen and The Jealous Curator. So sad to hear The Jealous Curator will finish in 9 more episodes.

  • Margot

    Thanks for the suggestions! Two others that I like are Happier with Gretchen Rubin & Elizabeth Craft (tips and reflection on adding more joy to your life), and the Dinner Party Download (ice-breakers, cocktails with a nod to history, etiquette lessons, interviews and more)….

  • Jemma

    Thanks for the recommendations! It’s great to see what you listen to.

    I listen to so so many podcasts.

    At the moment I am binging my way through both The Adventure Zone (the McElroy brothers and their dad play Dungeons and Dragons) and S-Town from This American Life and Serial, which I’m very much enjoying so far.

    I also listen to podcasts by Alastair Stephens of Point North Media including There and Back Again, a Tolkien seminar podcast. He’s also going to be covering Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I have also started listening to Witch, Please, two girls talking about Harry Potter.

    I second the recommendation for Happier with Gretchen Rubin!

    Might I also recommend thought-provoking titles such as Better Off Dead (a smart look at assisted dying), Criminal (I love the host’s voice and the short episodes on varying different crimes are intelligent), and Science Vs (which breaks down myths and assumptions of different topics through science).

    Happy listening!

  • LindaK

    The latest Serial series, S-Town, is a true story and a profound exploration of the fine line between madman and genius. In the background, the machinations of family and others in a very small town come together with, for and against the protagonist in a story so compelling you cannot possibly avert your ears from it.

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