Animals in sweaters

I am super tired this morning, and entering the week already exhausted is never fun. I was going to (try to) write you something insightful and meaningful, but my brain just won’t cooperate. So instead, I decided to share something altogether lighter: animals in sweaters! 

The chickens, from Cornwall in the UK, are wearing knits to protect them from cold temperatures. They are retired battery hens who, after spending a lifetime in cages, are not able to acclimatise to weather fluctuations. 

The elephants are from a conservation for formerly-abused elephants in Mathura, India, and local villagers knitted these sweaters when they were warned that temperatures were forecast to dip to near-freezing, making the elephants vulnerable. 

The penguins are from an ongoing conservation project on Phillip Island, Australia. For penguins in rehab that have been covered in toxic oil from spills, the sweaters keep them warm and prevent them from trying to clean the oil off with their beaks. 

Every one of these groups of animals was made sick or vulnerable because of something that humans did to them. Thankfully, humans are also mobilising to protect and care for them. I feel better about Monday already. I hope you do, too! 

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  • Sandy

    So heartwarming i wish everyone causing chaos and upset in our world today would just sitback a moment take a breath and look at the bigger picture

  • Jules

    Those hens!!! I have six free-range girls – I hope they don’t all want jumpers for the winter So heartwarming to see those have been rescued from battery laying

  • Jan Wulf

    Love the animals in sweaters pics. Super fun. Love all your posts.

  • Clare

    Those sweaters are adorable! Never mind animals. I want one!!

  • Jen King

    I (heart) the animals in jumpers Naomi! I actually saw the story about the elephants via a woman I follow on Twitter (Erin Ruberry) who is mad about Good News and shares good news stories as often as she can via her Kittens and Kindness website – so if too much Trump is doing your head in, head over there… I hope one day I will be able to knit a little jumper for a small animal!

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