New year, new project (1000 postcards)


It wouldn’t be January without a million people making plans, would it?

Mr B and I spent the days after Christmas slowly recovering, and hatching schemes. He bought a book called The Barefoot Investor and declared that this would be the year we take back control of our finances. I let the children consume their very last icy-pole and bucket of chips while we were in Bendigo, then returned home and emptied the ‘fridge and pantry of all the leftover chocolates, cakes, biscuits and ice-creams that had made their way into our house over December. I declared that this was the year we would take back control of our health. 

And then together, Mr B and I hatched a plan that involves YOU. 

He purchased for me a giant box containing one thousand vintage and antique postcards, all unused. The postcards date from around 1905 through to the 1970s, and have been waiting all these years for someone to stick a stamp on them, scrawl “Wish you were here,” and send them into the world. 

Well, that someone is me. I have decided to launch the Thousand Postcard Project for 2017, a year-long project in which I intend to send a thousand vintage postcards to people anywhere in the world. Each one will include a unique message: maybe a short story, a snippet from my life, a recipe, a poem, and so on. 

Every now and again, I’ll share photographs of some of the sent postcards on my blog, so you can see what they look like (I’ll only show the picture sides of the postcards, never people’s addresses). 

Would you like to receive postcard from the Thousand Postcard Project? Fill in the form on this page to give me your postal address, then sit back and watch your letterbox for a little vintage surprise. 


Your comments make my day

  1. Thank you Naomi! I happily and excitedly signed up. I would love to repay your kindness and generosity. Do tell if that’s possible and how? Your post box should never be lonely.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing! A thousand blank vintage postcards! And how lovely of you to want to share them with the rest of us. Thank you!

  3. How very exciting! I wonder how that box of postcards came to be.. thanks to your ebook I included a little more than just a letter in my latest pen pal mail :)

  4. How exciting! You truly are an inspiration to us all. Imagine if 10 other people in the entire world did the same. That would be 10,000 postcards and 10000 happy smiley people.
    Well done putting a little love out there, the world sure does need it right now.

  5. Where, oh where, did he find these postcards?!? I’m forever looking for postcards, and it seems impossible to find them anywhere! I’ve been buying boxed sets online, but I look for them everywhere that I go with no success.

    • The magical world of Ebay! Just search “vintage paper ephemera” or “used postcards” (“used blank postcards” if you want to send them yourself). I have a lovely husband who loves to hunt these down for me, but I think there’s quite a lot there.

  6. I live in the northeast US and love to visit used bookstores, the older and more established the better, New England especially. I rarely visit one that doesn’t have a box of used postcards. They usually run $.50 to $1.00 each so pricier than what you might find on EBay, though perhaps you might negotiate for a larger quantity.

  7. This is such a beautiful idea! As soon as I read your post, I ran out and bought a stack of postcards so I can send them off to people who need them too (although I’m starting with 100, seemed a bit more doable for me right now!). The world definitely needs more snail mail :)