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These nifty Correspondence Cards take postcards and “thinking of you” to the next level. When you want to reach out to someone by snail mail but you don’t really know what to say, they’ll do it for you! With sweet and funny little choose-your-own comment prompts, you simply tick the box that is most relevant.

Such as… 

I’m: distracted / well / a superhero / lost / drinking tea

This place is: beautiful / smelly / prickly / peaceful / interesting 

I’ve been: mugged / knighted / fishing / studying / adventuring 

Please: write back / dream of me / send money / feed my cat / take care  

And so on. The comments side of the card is illustrated with a lovely photograph originally captured on 35mm analogue film, and the back simply contains lines for the address, and space for a stamp.  

Tell me: would you use these? I think they are fun and pretty, and a postcard like this would put a huge grin on my face if it arrived in my letterbox (unless of course the person had ticked that they were lost and had been mugged), so I’m going to assume others might feel the same. 

I spend a lot of time writing to strangers to bring a moment of happy surprise to their days, which is something I love to do. But sometimes that means I neglect to write to the people in my life who are nearest and dearest. I feel like these cards are best suited to someone who already knows me (and appreciates my sense of humour), so that’s where mine will be headed. 

Right now I have a box of 10 of these cards, sent as a gift from Brenner of Boots Paper, and I am itching to use them.

This all happened after I ordered some new notepads from Brenner, because I was running out of resources to write to you all. Her shop Boots Paper appealed to me because the notepads were not only beautifully-illustrated and lovely to hold (good quality recycled paper), she also donated a percentage of profits to conservation charities.

After I placed my order, Brenner found me on Instagram and reached out to say hello (this is her), and to celebrate the snail-mail joy that she and I have both spreading in our own ways. The following week, the most incredible box of stationery goods arrived in my letterbox as a gift from Brenner, and you can see it all here. She left a little note: “For all the stationery love you put out there, I wanted to give some back.” 

It was an act of extraordinary generosity and kindness, and I intend to repay it by sending these gorgeous Boots Paper creations far and wide, as I write to each of you all over the world. 








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  • donna

    oh my…these lovely papers and this entire post make me swoon :) so very beautiful!

  • Brenner Lowe

    Oh wow. I’m sittng here at the kitchen table trying to read through watery eyes your words about my stationery. I’m so honestly lost for words. Your photos are incredibly beautiful and perfectly articulate the feeling behind Boots Paper and the motivation and inspiration I felt to create the brand. I am so lucky to have connected with you over a mutual love of paper. Thank you for being the reason Boots Paper exists. xoxo

    • Naomi Bulger

      I’m so happy you like the photographs – all these paper goodies are so beautiful, it wasn’t hard to make them look lovely! Our whole household has been gasping at how lovely everything is, and how extraordinarily generous and kind you are. I will send these to people all over the world so we can all enjoy them. xxx

  • Sandra

    I love those cards. The illustrations are gorgeous. It’s so hard to find lovely stationery sets these days. No one seems to make writing paper and envelopes anymore.

    • Naomi Bulger

      I agree! I find all of mine these days (including Boots Paper) through the people I follow on Etsy. Even a lot of the stationers online only do greeting cards or small-and-expensive letters sets… I send so many letters, I look for beautiful note pads and those are hard to find!

  • kate

    When I was a kid (long time ago) I used to collect postcards, not that we travelled anywhere exotic. I remember getting those tick the box type postcards too, they were always fun. So in answer to your question yes I would use them, not just for the fun factor but because these days I’m so very lazy when it comes to writing notes.
    I love all your gorgeous stationery what a lovely gift to receive. Have fun sending it out into the world.

    cheers Kate

  • Sonya

    Wow what pretty stationary and how lucky you are, you deserve it..
    Just letting you know, after contacting you on Instagram yesterday, I have completed my mail for you and will be sending it on it’s way to you on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy it, I loved making it .
    Also Naomi, I want to ask if you may have any contacts for me who I could hook up with to send more envelope mail art to? Thought you may know of some people who might be interested in regular swaps? I’m in South Australia but willing to post to anywhere in the world. If you let some of your mail art friends know, I’m looking for many people to send to.
    Please email me if you can help and Happy New year!
    Cheers Sonya

    • Naomi Bulger

      That’s so lovely of you Sonya – thank you! I can’t wait to receive your letter. I don’t have a list of people wanting mail-art, but I do see a lot of people posting that they’re looking for swaps on Instagram – perhaps you could try that? Also, did you receive my e-book on Making Mail? (It’s the one you get for free when you sign up for my monthly emails). There’s a chapter at the end about where to find a like-minded pen-pal. If you tried some of those places, you might find some lovely people who want to exchange mail art. x

    • Linda Kazel

      May I suggest International Pen Friends, a very old and legitimate organization that matches people from all over the world based on age, gender, countries desired and interests. This is a great opportunity for letterwriting and mail art. My pen friends love it! There is a small fee but IPF will send you about 18 names and your name will go on other lists so you’ll find some wonderful unexpected mail in your post box from new friends on other lists. Link: http://www.ipfworld.com Also, Post-Crossing is a postcard exchange org that would also be a great way to make and share mail art. Link: https://www.postcrossing.com/about

  • Linda Kazel

    What generous loveliness you received. I don’t believe Boots products like the correspondence cards could be reasonably shipped to the US. What a pity! I’m sure there will be many, many smiles when whomever you send mail to opens their post box and finds something you created. Happy New Year from northern and very snowy New York State!

    • Naomi Bulger

      Happy New Year – I am jealous of your snow! I know Boots Paper does ship internationally, but as for cost I couldn’t tell you. Depending on how many items you wanted to ship, I don’t think it would cost too much (speaking as someone who regularly ships stationery-type items all over).

  • Sonya

    Thanks both Naomi and Linda, I shall look those sites up:)

  • Anne

    What charming stationery Boots makes. I like the images, and those fill-in-the-box cards are a hoot! Snail mail rules!!

  • Sara

    I think they’re funny but you can’t send this to everyone… only people with the same sense of humour will be happy to receive them.

    Loved the “feed my cat” option!

  • Jillian

    Oh my goodness these are simply amazing. I tried to follow the emails but I feel I am missing the templates ?

    • Naomi Bulger

      Thank you! The templates only go out once a month, in the first half of the month. The next one will go out early-to-mid March. If you’d like me to send you the Feb newsletter, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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