I’m ready to send you mail again!

snail mail

I have a little Christmas present for you, my friends. Actually, I have more than one to give! 

You may remember that I used to send letters to people who subscribed to this blog, to say thank you to them for reading. I had to suspend that in July this year, when I discovered I was more than 60 letters behind in all the mail I owed. It was overwhelming, and I felt terrible for being so slow. 

But here we are a week before Christmas, and I’m all caught up. If you subscribe to this blog and you haven’t already requested this mail from me, I invite you to share your address now. The sign-up form is here and I look forward to making mail for you.

UPDATE 7 Feb 2017: Aah I’m so sorry. I’ve been making mail as fast as I can but you guys are KEEN (I do love that!) and, as fast as I’ve been going, there are now 123 people on the waiting list. So I’ve had to disable the form again while I catch up. Again. Watch this space. 

I mentioned I have some other presents to give. While things have been quiet on this blog of late, I haven’t forgotten you, and I’ve been working away behind the scenes to develop some resources that I hope you might enjoy. 

The first is a free monthly newsletter that will launch mid-January. Short on words but big on inspiration, it will contain an original artwork every month, that you can print out and customise into your own mail-art.  

The second is my new e-book, Making Mail. This is a 10-part guide to writing letters that will become keepsakes, by writing entertaining missives that look beautiful, survive their journeys, and make the recipients feel special. This book is free when you subscribe to my newsletter. 

I really hope you enjoy all of these gifts, and I want to thank you for sticking with me as I’ve developed all these resources in the background. I’m looking forward to bringing you more inspiring, uplifting, funny and creative content in the New Year, and wish you every happiness for this festive season. 


Your comments make my day

  1. Hi, Naomi! I really want to thank you for all the tips and knowledge about writing letters I got from you through your e-book, Making Mail. How amazing it is! I’m truly happy and I can not wait to make new mail-art to my pen pals and to put all I’ve learned into practice. Thank you SO much!

  2. I have been a member of your blog for awhile now.
    How do I get a copy of that E-mailart book? I will be happy to pay for it if you tell me how much.
    I still owe you mail and have had alot of challenges this year and even before Christmas my dog was attacked by a big dog and did some major damage to my dogs food plus 7 puncture wounds that are taking forever to heal and I constantly have to worry that he does not chew on foot.
    Please do not give up on me…. Chache

    • Hello Chache, I’m so sorry you and your dog have had such a tough Christmas. That sounds miserable! I hope he heals quickly.

      Thank you for asking about my e-book. You don’t need to pay for it, the book is a gift for everyone who signs up to receive my monthly emails (they contain mail-art templates, mostly). If this interests you, here is the link you need: http://naomiloves.com/making-mail-e-book/. Just enter your email address into the box at the bottom of that page, and that’s it, you’re signed up. The e-book should appear in your inbox shortly after. xo

  3. Hello and hello Naomi,

    Seasons come
    Seasons go
    And your messages
    Still leave a big glow

    Thank you so much – keep up the great works.
    Cannot wait to see more – as usual.

    Big hugs,
    New York