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Snail Mail Revolution

I’ve been doing a course on Instagram, trying to improve my photography and Instagram engagement in general. It’s challenging, fun, inspiring, and frustrating, like most things are when you’re learning something new. Then today, someone else in the course shared this video with the class.

I’d heard of this little piece by Ira Glass before, but had never actually taken it in myself. If you’re struggling with trying to be creative – or really, with trying to be good at anything in life – and you feel like you’re just not up to scratch, do yourself a favour and spend two minutes listening to this. (If you can’t see the video below, click this link to find it in Vimeo).

It just might be exactly what you needed to hear.

THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.


  • victoria pichel

    Thank you for sharing this, Naomi… I have the feeling that I’ve been in that gap for the past 15 years. Trying dozens of things, techniques, looking for something creative to make each week, new stuff as if it were sweets that I need to devour when I’m feeling anxious. Having the whole internet at my service, tutorials, videos, blogposts, I think has increased my creative anxiety, my search for that particular thing I’m FINALLY good at. And, at the same time, social media has got us used to such instant response, sharing and getting (or not getting) likes, comments, followers, feedback, most of all acceptance, something that could help boost our selfconfidence but also leave us in utter disappointment when what we expected never happens. I haven’t found THAT one thig I’m good at yet. Maybe I’ll never find just one because as a curious soul I’ve always been interested in several simultaneous things to do or make. I think I need to follow this video’s advice, start to actually making stuff I love instead of just googling, getting the materials and boom, what’s the next new thing?, and avoid oversharing. Make make make, learn patiently, enjoy the process, learn more, and then maybe tell the rest of the world, once I’m past the gap stage, once I have “a whole story”.

    It turns out, it was exactly what I needed to hear…
    have a lovely week!

    • Naomi Bulger

      Oh, I hope this helps you! What I took from the video was just to keep trying, keep practicing. Because even if we’re not good at it YET, the fact that we know we’re not good at it shows we have enough taste to appreciate what IS good. So we don’t give up, we just keep on practicing. And one day, one day…

      (Or at least I hope so).

      Hopefully the past 15 years haven’t been all frustration, and that you’ve found some simple joy in the creation. x

  • Anke

    Your instagram pictures have gotten so incredible! Thanks for sharing that wonderful video :-)!

  • fiona

    Dear Naomi, Hello!
    Thank you for sharing the video Naomi, it’s inspiring~ I will keep trying, making, learning and practicing in the aspect i love! Found your blog today and in love with every posts you’ve shared, your instagram pictures are lovely, i really love simple, ‘real’ & pretty lifestyle pictures! Happy to be able to found and know you!

    Fiona from Malaysia!:)

    • Naomi Bulger

      Oh my goodness, thank you for your wonderfully kind words. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying my blog, and I love that you are also inspired to just keep on trying, creatively. It’s a great video isn’t it!

  • Emily

    Oh, such a good video! I’ve seen it played out the past few weeks as I started working on homemade Christmas cards (first time for me). The first dozen weren’t satisfactory for me, but now after making 50, I finally figured out a proper design. Now I need to decide whether to keep, throw out, or redo those first dozen cards! This is a GREAT reminder that I just need to keep at it – practice, practice, practice!

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