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Oh hello! *waves in enthusiastic and dorky manner* Remember me? I am so busy finishing my book that sometimes I don’t get time for writing in this blog, but I have so many posts in the wings that I can’t wait to share with you. Hopefully I’ll get my time-management act together and can revisit this tiny and lovely community that is You Folks a lot more often. I really love this space. I love how comfortable it feels, how like-minded we all feel, even when actually we are quite different and diverse and opinionated and creative and quirky (because how boring would things be if we weren’t), but on the MAIN THINGS (kindness, openness, encouragement, friendship) we are all on the same page, I think.

NEWS ALERT. Oh my goodness HOW EXCITING are the updates on the Serial podcast lately? If you listened to Season 1 but then kind of dropped back off, drop back in!! After almost 16 years, a new hearing on Adnan Syed’s case is happening in Baltimore RIGHT NOW and you can follow what is going on each day on Serial. It is crazily compelling.

In the meantime, I have been having some fun lately jumping on the “decorate old matchboxes” bandwagon, creating decorated little boxes for homemade “conversation heart” lollies (from a lolly shop in Maldon, more on that soon to come), to send to folks all over the world. If you’d like to replicate this idea for Valentine’s Day, it’s super easy. Just wrap some paper around a matchbox to get the size right, trace the outline, then unwind it and draw/paint/paste whatever image you like before pasting it properly back onto your matchbox. I lined my boxes with paper doilies but you could also use tissue paper, cloth, foil or anything else that inspires you.

On another matter, conversation hearts! How great are they? So much vintage fun.






  • Eva

    I love the matchbook idea, and am super excited to give it a try for Valentine’s Day. What sort of glue do you use to paste it all together? I have a small arsenal of glue types at my desk, and I never seem to choose the correct one for the project — everything always ends up peeling or doesn’t have a long life.
    Do you have any suggestions regarding the best tool for the job?

  • Rebecca Berrett

    I had wondered if everything was okay with you down south as you’d not posted for a while, but great to hear that you’d just been busy! Good to read you again! Rebecca.

  • Emily

    These are ADORABLE ! I’m going to make one too. I’ve been meaning to pop into your lovely blog and say hello. Life gets busy. Hello Naomi :)

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