Final call to be in my book


Last call, folks, if you want to be in my book! (I hope you do. Please do!)

I’ve almost finished the first draft, and the research has been so much fun. For anyone who doesn’t know, my book is about all the quirky, creative and kind things people are doing (and YOU can do) with snail mail these days.

I’ve interviewed mail heroes like Rin from Papered Thoughts, founder of Mail Me Art Darren Di Lieto, and artist and zine-maker (and person behind the one-and-only Parcel Ghost) Marissa Falco. I introduce you to an honest-to-goodness fairy post office hidden in a forest; a postcard-related art project that has gone global; places to find pen-pals and join creative mail-swaps; a professional letter-writer; a hidden, stamp-related game on a city’s streets; museum exhibits that write letters to visitors; a Rube Goldberg postcard machine; and a modern take on the secret language of stamps. There are more than 100 stories and heroes and resources and ideas in the book, and every single one of them includes inspiration, guidance or links so that YOU can get involved, too.

The book is going to be visually stunning, as I’ve partnered with a bit of a “secret weapon” photographer and we are in the process of planning everything out. If reading all the stories and ideas in this book doesn’t inspire you to pick up a pen and write a letter to Nanna, the photography will.

I want to pepper the book with thoughts and quotes from anyone and everyone who loves snail mail, and that’s where you come in!

If you would be so good as to answer the following questions and send them to me, I’ll try to put you in the book! (You can be anonymous if you want to, or you can share your name and your blog or ONE social media profile if you’d like to be found by the people reading my book). Just email your answers to one or both of these questions to me at nabulger (at) gmail (dot) com, using the subject heading modern_mail so you don’t get lost in the spam folder:

* In this age of digital technology, what’s so special about snail mail?

* Who should you write a letter to today, and why?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours truly,
Naomi xo


  • Haley

    Ahh I wish I could! I don’t have my laptop back until Christmas :(

  • Donna Cameron

    Hi Naomi,
    I’d be honoured and would love to contribute something! What is your deadline and what format do you need it in? Feel free to email me if you like.

    – Donna.

  • Kerry

    I have a penpal in england (im in australia) we havebeen writing since we were 11 (now 34). Met for the first time when we were 21. I love the delayed suprise of writing a letter.. To launch a little suprise without knowing exactly when it will arrive. And to know that it will brighten the persons day on the other side of the world. When they least expect it. When i was in primary school i would write letters adressed to “somebody” and make up puzzles and games and leave the decorated envelope in random public places like the lolly section of the local deli.. Hoping it would brighten the day of someone. I would recommend writing a letter obviously to a long lost friend on the otgersise of the world to reconnect. But also to a good friend that you may see often. When pen is to paper all kinds of thoughts spill out you might not even think of bringing up in conversation. Writing makes people closer.

  • donna

    such an awesome idea and page. i did send you an email the evening. thanks again!

  • Ash

    Is it too late?

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  • paperpopups

    I would love to post 2 of your photos on my fb wall and would add a link direct to your blog. I am here to ask your ok first. And will add your name on the photos before I post. Happy thoughts,

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